Environmental, Industrial, Service and Infrastructure Policy

Print 2013-09-30 22:21:11

The following companies were chosen to undertake and have started construction work of kindergartens by government funding in the following towns: Dayanbaigali Co. Ltd. in Mandal-ovoo town, Tsogt Onjuul Co. Ltd. in Nomgon town, and Comtrade Co. Ltd. in Khurmen and Noyon towns. In Dalanzadgad town, Erchim Orgoo Co. Ltd. was chosen to implementthe project of downtown lighting and sidewalk construction (worth 198,000 million MNT) and Power Logistics Co. Ltd. was chosen to undertake road construction (worth 340,000 million MNT) in Dalanzadgad town.

A plan for a new project, under the motif, “Clean Environment, Healthy Living,” was publicized from August 12th to October 12th of 2008. The project seeks to distribute trash containers and garbage bins to office buildings. The project also seeks to initiate educational conversations at local high schools on creating a cleaner, trash-free environment.

Plans and projects for the general development of Bayandalai, Bulgan, Bayan-ovoo and Tsogtovoo towns were announced on August 22nd, 2008. A construction project to build a dormitory, which will accomodate100 children in Bayan-ovoo and Khankhongor towns and a cultural and athletic center for Mandal-ovoo and Sevrei towns were announced on August 2nd. Companies to undertake the projects will be chosen on September 2nd.

Preparations for winter operations have started and several projectsare being implementedas planned. Currently, a project to drill a 10 m deep well is under way. Moreover, a projectto clean water boiler systems and to inspect well pipes are taking place.

A construction work to build a residential unit and an office building for the station’s workers is currently taking place. A proposal to build a new heating unit for the heating and electricity station is currently being discussed between the provincial governor and the station director with representatives in China. 

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