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Tavantolgoi coal mine is located on the northwest side of Tsetsii mountain,which is near the Grand Shankhai mountain. The name Tavantolgoi (“five hills”) is referred to the original location of the ore, which was collectively discovered in five smaller hills.   

With the 1966 Order of the Mongolian Ministers’ Council, the ownership of the Tavantolgoi coal mine was transferred to the state to be handled by the then Ministry of Industry. Thus the very first coal extraction and sale began when the central government authorized,in the same year,a mission plan to explore some 3000 tons of coal to be undertaken by eight pioneer miners as part of the Tsagaan Ovoo coal mine of the then Middlegobi province.   

Mr. Namkhaidorj worked as the first director ofTavantolgoi coal mine and his successor, Mr. S. Khuuhenjav, graduate of the polytechnical college, was appointed by the Ministry of Industry. In May 1967,Tavantolgoi coal mine became a state industry and launched its first independent mining operation.

In compliance with the changing nature of the country’s economic system and its introduction to market economy, Tavantolgoi coal mine was partially privatized by the decision of the Government Privatization Commission,leading to the formation of the state-dominated Tavantolgoi shareholding companyin 1994.

Tavantolgoi coal mining company is currently operating in the territory of Tsagaan–Ovoo of Tsogttsetsii town, aSouthgobi province. Geographically, it lies 98 km to the east of Dalanzadgad, a center of Southgobi province and 15 km southwest of Tsogtsetsii town. It is 550 km away from the nation’s capital, Ulaanbaatar,and is situated at an altitude of 1500m to1830m above sea level.

This coal are is the largest one in Mongolia and is among the tenleading coal mines in the world. As of today, with more than 200 employees, our company is effectively operating its activities. In 2007, for the first time, the company independently produced and exported one million ton of coalin its history.

The total depth of the coal ore is 191 m and the depth of the 16 layers of the total coaldepositis 74.9 m.  The deposit is estimated at a total of over 6 billion tonnes of coal, over one third of which is high-quality,hard-coking coal.