Seddorj Renchinbyamba, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


1997               Graduated High School in Southgobi province

2002               Graduated Khan-Uul College (Economics and Applied Mathematics)

2008               Obtained MA degree (Social Science) from Academy of Public Administration

2010-2012     Studied at the University of Kansas, USA

2009-present Doctoral student, Mining School, Mongolian Technical University


Work experience:

2002-2006     Head of Marketing Agency, Ajnai Corporation

2004-2007     Assistant to Parliament Member

2007-present Chair of the Community Council, Tsogt-Ovoo town, Southgobi province

2007-2009     Head, Junior and Merited Province Wrestlers Union, Mongolian National Athletic Committee

2009-2010     Vice president in charge of Finance and Supply chain, Tavantolgoi shareholding company

2012-2013     Advisor to Parliament Member

2013-present President and CEO, Tavantolgoi shareholding company


Professional membership:

2008-present Member, Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Zorigtbaatar Renchin, Vice President, Extraction and Production


1975   Graduated High School in Southgobi province

1981   The Mining Institute, in former Czechoslovakia

 Work experience:

1981-1985     Section supervisor and engineer at the Southgobi Water Agency

1985-1986     Army Soldier

1986-1989     Supervisor, Human Resource Department, Southgobi Party Committee

1989-1991     Chair of the Party Unit, Khanbogd town, Southgobi province

1992-2005     President and CEO, Tavantolgoi shareholding company

2005-2007     Senior engineer, Tavantolgoi shareholding company

2007 –present         Vice president in charge of Production, Tavantolgoi shareholding company


Shurenkhishig Gonchig, Chief accountant


1986               Graduated High school in Southgobi province

1994               Graduated the Institute of Trade and Commerce, Donetsk city, former Soviet Union (accountant and economist)

1995               Awarded the state certificate of professional account


Work experience:


1990- present            Began her career as an accountant

2007 –present           Chief accountant, Tavantolgoi shareholding company

 Tserenpagma Banzragch, Manager, Logistics Agency


1981               Graduated Finance and Economic College (accountant)

2003               Graduated the Institute of Finance and Economics(accountant and economist)

Work experience:

1981               Assistant accountant, Ogoomor Unit, Tsogttsetsii province

1986-1999     Accountant, Tavantolgoi shareholding company

1999-2007     Chief accountant, Tavantolgoi shareholding company

2007-present             Head of Logistics Agency, Tavantolgoi shareholding company


2000               Distinguished Accountant

2002               Distinguished Miner

2004               Outstanding Professional in Accounting

2007               Best Mentor award, Tavantolgoi shareholding company