Message from president and ceo

Greetings from D. Artag, the executive director of Tavantolgoi shareholding company. 

To the pioneers of Mongolia's economy and the development of the Gobi region, to the generations of miners, to all the experts in this industry, and to our valued shareholders, we extend our heartfelt congratulations on the historic 100th anniversary of the declaration on December 25, 1922, when the natural resources of Mongolian soil were rightfully declared as the property of the nation.

         Over the course of 57 challenging years, as we built the mine that stands as a source of pride for both the Gobi region and the entire nation, we've achieved a historic milestone. Our journey has encompassed the centrally planned economy era, the market crisis, quarantine periods imposed due to the epidemic (COVID-19), and the peak of the mining industry. Throughout it all, we carefully planned our activities, guided by the wisdom and vision of the Mongolian people, and worked tirelessly without interruption. All of these experiences are a source of pride for every generation of miners.

                  Tavantolgoi Shareholding Company is committed to fostering smooth cooperation with partner enterprises and organizations by streamlining our operations and ensuring compliance with government policies, laws, and regulations. Our primary focus lies in the pursuit of transparent and responsible mining practices through the enhancement and optimization of our technological methods and management processes. Simultaneously, we aim to increase exports while safeguarding the interests of all our shareholders. Additionally, we place special emphasis on our valued employees, recognizing them as value of the company. So, we address social concerns by providing a fair wage structure based on productivity, contributing to a healthy and pleasant work environment that impacts work and personal life.

I would like to congratulate to all of you who have become the driving force behind Mongolia's leading economic sector, particularly those who have been recognized for their hard work.

Also, I am confidence that Mongolia's mining sector with its rich 100-year history, will prevail over the numerous challenges of our times. Together, we will successfully pass the current crisis and market difficulties, paving the way for lasting prosperity and growths.

May all good deeds spread!

Хүсэлт илгээх