Message from the chairman of board of trustees

Greetings from  Mr. G. Tsog-Urnukh, the chairman of the management board

With the slogan 'Bring heat and warmth from century to century,' Tavantolgoi shareholding company has been at the forefront of heating and development in Umuni Gobi province for half a century. Our team has sat up the glory minery of this age in the south Gobi going through long journey until to reach the height of today. Our team has come a long way to reach the heights we stand at today, having constructed and operated a mine that serves as a source of pride in the modern era within the azure landscapes of Umuni Gobi.

Throughout the years of centralized planned development, the market crisis era, privatization, and the peak of mining industry, we've steered our activities with the wisdom and vision shared by Mongolians, tirelessly working without stopping. This is a source of great pride for us. We take pride in our numerous historic achievements, including being the first to have Tawantolgoi mine workers acquire the mine by initiating operations, commencing the first coal export from the deposit, and pioneering coke production in Mongolia.

We extend our gratitude to the governments, state and local self-governing bodies, ministries, cooperating organizations, individuals, companies, entities, customers, and clients who have stood by our side throughout our journey. We also  congratulations to all of you as we celebrate the 57th anniversary of Tavantolgoi shareholding company.

I wish you all good health and happiness.

Хүсэлт илгээх