Social and environmental responsibility

At Tavantolgoi, we make it a priority to act as a responsible mining company starting with our management practices to our stewardship of the environment. Our dedicated Community Relations and Social Responsibility team has been working closely with the local communities to strengthen relationships, promote communication and address community needs and support local business development.

For this purpose, we are undertaking a variety of actions to improve the living conditions of the local communities. We are offering, for instance this year, Southgobi residents a reasonable price of ₮8000 ($4.44)per ton for the coal, which is valid through January 1, 2014. We believe that the reduced coal price offered to both the local communities and the state-sponsored institutions will not only help their preparation for winter season but will also contribute to reasonable appropriations of state budget usage.

Compared with the previous year’s gross sales, the company’s reduced price for this year indicates that we are selling our products at the total discount of over 50 million tugrigs to local residents. Moreover, relying on its own resources, the company opened three new “Coal Sales Points” in the Southgobi province to closely work with our clients.

In addition, we have been initiating many approaches to engage with local communities and continue to foster open communication with local residents and leaders. It has become an annual tradition for our company to organize cultural, educational and sports events among local residents.

The company has been collaborating with and contributing to numerous local construction projects, including building an extension for a thermo-electric station, adding new delivery rooms at a local hospital, and reconstruction of secondary schools in Southgobi province.   

Since 2007 we have been reporting to national agencies in charge of exploration of natural resources and tax collection to provide them with transparency of the company’s business practices. The Tavantolgoi mining company alone accounts for 70-80% of the provincial government’s total revenue

Within the framework of our commitment to health and safety projects, we cleaned and removed the residential trash and waste which were piled up on the southern part of Southgobi province.

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